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Hi, my name is Lori Bannon. Welcome to my portfolio. I have been a Senior Web Developer for years providing full service digital media work providing web app development, digital media production, streaming media distribution and marketing/promotion.

"I started out in the music industry at the young age of 16 where I played in my first cover band. I quickly met other original artists and started writing and performing my own songs. Growing up in Southern California the music scene was going crazy in the 80's and I joined my first all girl originals band where I sang, played guitar and keyboards as well as performed my own songs and the songs of my bandmates. However, the struggle was real and after 15 years in the music business I decided perhaps it was a better move to go back to college.

After graduating Cal State Fullerton with a Film/TV degree and a degree in Computer Science I turned my attentions to this 'new thing called The Internet'. My 20 year long career working in the Internet Industry worked well for me and gave me the ability to take time off to create the ultimate streaming portal that I and my father envisioned back in 95'.

It is my mission to help musicians get control of their work. As a songwriter and a female in the industry it was hard to be taken seriously and I never felt like I had control over the songs I wrote and performed. Times are changing and my main mission is to help artists keep control of their work and get paid their due amount."

We all know the pain of trying to promote one's business, events and talents within the constraints of a small budget while not falling into the black hole of what has now become The Internet. The Station TV is a on going project that I created dedicated to finding original artists and entertainers who would normally be overlooked and help promote them by being included in social campaigns, productions and distribution efforts.



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We are a full service audio video production company. We can provide live streaming or streaming media for your social campaigns, youtube shows, embeds in your website or full production projects.


We can stream your show to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram or any platform including our own TheStationTV. Contact us for more information on our streaming services

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I can help your business become a success! With over 20 years experience in the Internet industry I can help you through innovative technology and focused digital media marketing.

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We needed Zoom and fast! My emergency meeting was imperative as we were teaming up to figure out what could be done during our business shutdown. The virus hit and working remote was not something we were prepared to do. Bannon Digital came to our aid and quickly showed us how to conduct a company meeting over Zoom. Their guidance on other remote platforms was invaluable as we went through the steps to decide which video conferencing application would best suit our needs. While we were discussing our situation they were also quick to point out some issues we had on our website so we contracted with them to fix the bugs and do a full usability review website. After the review they added some digital marketing tips for free. They really know what they’re doing and our relationship turned from needing assistance with remote meetings to a full one stop shop for all our digital needs. We continue to go back to Bannon Digital for all our digital needs. They can be trusted to deliver great service and recommendations to help your small business grow.

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The Station.tv pulls the personal needs of the artist together all in one place. Revolutionary in its design, our platform offers a host of services specifically made for individualized progress and success at all levels. From the songwriter creating their first melody to the established professional seeking quality reviews and acknowledgement The Station.tv has it covered in style. A radio stream broadcast 24 hours a day, entertainment career coaching, web hosting, lessons, interviews, live performances and talk shows all combine in an atmosphere that helps artists control their own destiny.

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