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How It Works:

Artists! We will provide you with a room on The Station TV  for free if.. you participate in our virtual concerts that we will be throwing complete with Tip Jar in our Live Bar. These virtual concerts will hopefully run on the weekends and the format is as follows:

1. Intros, commercials, whatever
2. A virtual host comes on inbetween acts and introduces the bands for the night. She will also be available for interviews.
3. A pre-scheduled band plays from where ever they are. The requirements to perform in our concert series are as follows:

A. Must have a good internet connection.

B. Must have a laptop, ipad (iphone will work but they aren't as good) with a direct line in (this is very important) via usb from mixing board. Everything has to be done with headphones and a direct line in. Open mics cause feedback and loops we don't want.

The rest we will let you know but those are the most critical.

We split the tip jar with you 50/50.

Global Virtual Fest

Live Streaming Events

Any Event Available in Multi-Camera (including drone shots and PTZ robocam) and Multi-track Audio with Professional Post-Production Editing, Mixing, and Mastering.

Webcast Studio

Multi-Camera Webcast Studio for YouTube, Facebook, Livestream or the platform of your choice. Build your community for greater exposure or sell your product online.

Video Production & Editing Services

End to end video production solutions with expert Videographers, Directors, Content Writers and Editing services available.


Here at Bannon Digital Entertainment LLC we are creating our own private artists community. The artists that join our private community benefit from the exposure we can give them via our online tv station simply called
The Station TV