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Artist Owned Videocast (TV) and Audiocast (Radio Station)

The Station TV
Come join our community! But Why You Ask? What do you get if you join our community as an Artist? Here's my story.

I was a female rocker for years and a dedicated songwriter starting to compose again. During my days as a rocker, my songs and I were subject to the whims of whomever chose to think they were in charge of my art. This got old fast and after 20 years in the software industry I decided to create my own distribution point for me and the Artists in our community so that Artists have FULL CONTROL over our music and art. This is a business so we do plan to make some revenue from our art and so should you. So by being part of our community, any Ad Revenue that is generated by your art work we will split with you 50/50. In exchange we will promote you on our Videocast in the Live Bar and on our new Audiocast (radio station is so 20 years ago) playlist as well as on our social postings. There is also an option on our Audiocast stream for people to purchase your song. We are a start up but building fast so make sure to come back and see what we've come up with next.


The Station TV Now Has A Radio Station. We Call It Our Audiocast. Let's Push Play!

When you create an artist profile and submit a song in the artist lounge at TheStation.TV we will add it to our "TheStationTV Audiocast playlist.

Message from the founder: 1 Song only please. Protect Your Art. We claim no rights to your song, artwork or show, nor will we give it to any other distribution area or outlet without your written permission. This is for our community to build as we wish. We claim no commissions from your song at any time. Instead we provide a 'buy' link during playback. We base our revenue on advertising and if a content provider or artist provides enough content that we can offer advertising we will split 50/50 with the artist. That is the only way I feel it is fair to all in the community. We are a start up of older musicians simply wanting a place to show off our talents that we control.

We will run this playlist in the Live Bar, our Twitch channel, YouTube, Facebook, IG, InTune, numerous Online Radio Station directories and anywhere else we can get people to listen - DAILY! We plan to saturating are tribe of artists to anywhere we can that plays audio and/or video. Listeners can share and like your songs. If you have your song on one of the other popular platform, there will also be a button where fans can purchase your song. We will be adding features as we go along.

Bannon Digital Media Solutions
the statio tv radio

Let's Promote Each Other!

We are a startup and the only way we can make this work is if we all team up together. When sending us your song we will reciprocate by promoting your song on all of our platforms. We can also, as a group, promote other tribe members and create a sharing ring. They tell someone and so on and so on, we all benefit.



** You never give up any rights to your song/s ever. You are free to delete your account at any time. We are a business. So of course we don't plan to work for free forever. But we will always offer our services to artists for Free as we want to give back to the artists that help us grow. This is just the beginning! We have a ton of things planned and are always up for suggestions. This tool is here for you so help us make it better by sending us an email with suggestions as well as any questions about how we plan to grow our tribe and how you can help.

Videocast In The Livebar

Artists! Play in the Live Bar and get tipped via your Venmo.
We will be streaming to all our social platforms at once for ultimate exposure including our Live Bar. These virtual concerts will hopefully run on the weekends and the format is as follows:

1. Intros, commercials, whatever
2. A virtual host comes on in between acts and introduces the bands for the night. She will also be available for interviews.
3. A pre-scheduled band plays from where ever they are. The requirements to perform in our concert series are as follows:

  • Must have an excellent Internet connection.
  • Must have a person on the camera at all times.
  • Camera person must stay in contact with Director or Switcher at all times.
Global Virtual Fest

Live Streaming Events

Any Event Available in Multi-Camera (including drone shots and PTZ robocam) and Multi-track Audio with Professional Post-Production Editing, Mixing, and Mastering.

Audiocast/Videocast Studio

Multi-Camera Studio for YouTube, Facebook, Livestream or the platform of your choice. Build your community for greater exposure or sell your product online. We are building a 2000 sq. ft. studio on our 5 acres in Joshua Tree, Ca. Once built we will be open for business recording audio sessions and shows.

Video Production & Editing Services

End to end video production solutions with expert Videographers, Directors, Content Writers and Editing services available.

Videocast & Audiocast

Here at Bannon Digital Media LLC we are creating our own private artists community. The artists that join our private community benefit from the exposure we can give them via our online tv station simply called

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