Bannon Digital Development
How It Works
Note: This example is for an ecommerce website.
You can start at any step during the process depending on where you are at in your development stage. We also have a number of starter kit sessions to train yourself or your staff.

Development Research

  • Hosting & SSL (including domain name if needed)
  • General Branding Done (this is to be provided by client)
  • Content Gathering (this is to be provided by client)
  • Website Layout (how many pages, theme design)
  • Logos, images, other assets gathering

Website Creation

  • Theme installation and branding colors
  • Needed plugins/components installed
  • Menu & navigation created
  • Header/Footer created
  • All pages created
  • Forms & CTA's
  • Custom Code
  • Add any assets

Store or Additional Development

  • Adding product to store
  • Setting up payment service provider (merchant account)
  • Adding and editing (resize or crop) images
  • Adding email to process
  • Setting up shipping
  • Implementing backup system

Review Test Edit

  • Up to 2 Revisions
  • Client Review
  • Add/Delete Needed Edits
  • Client Review
  • Test
  • Bug Fixes
  • Publish

Our Process

Development Research

online digital media training

Website Creation

website development


Store Development

ecommerce websites



Review Edit Test






Training is also available. Make sure to review our training starter session in our

Business Development area.

Are DIY Websites Really Saving You Money?

Time to complete a website based on skill level:

Advanced = 3 to 6 weeks

Some Web Skills = 6 to 12 weeks

No Skills = 12 to ? weeks

build you own website

DIY website


Did you know that the ramp up time to learn most of the popular website builders can be anywhere from 3 weeks to who knows how long?

Even then you may run into a problem and not know where to turn.

Your time is valuable and we can help!

Whether you have already started and just need someone to point you in the right direction or you simply do not have the time we are here for you!

We are local to the Coachella Valley area with 20 years experience.

A Lot Goes Into Building Your Own Website


Information Gathering

Information gathering is the most crucial step and can make or break a project. The more information you can gather on your own, the cheaper the site will be. This step is a must whether you decide to build yourself or not.



Can you design your project yourself? If not you will need to hire a designer. We have a number of qualified designers to help you make your dream a reality.



Our coders will take all of the individual graphic elements from the prototype and use them to create the actual, functional site. This is where you might need to hire someone unless you know how to code yourself. Even the best CMS's like WordPress you will need ramp up time to learn how to use their website builder and even then, if you run into problems with CSS or Javascript you will need how to fix those issues by hand.


Hosting & Delivery

We believe we have found the best company that provides all these services and more.

99% uptime, low rates, SSL certificates and the MOST important prompt customer service.
Check out our HOSTING OPTIONS for more information.